How to start your case

The following steps outline the general procedure for starting your case:

  1. Make preliminary contact

    You can call or email us to schedule a phone or in-person interview and inquire about the consultation fee schedule. You will also find this information at

  2. Fill out our intake questionnaire or consultation form

    The information in the Intake Questionnaire is for use in our office only, so that we are able to determine whether a consultation is appropriate. We never rent or sell mailing lists or other personal information.

  3. Arrange a detailed consultation

    A 15 minute to 1 hour consultation (on the phone or in person) with the attorney will allow you to ask questions about your case, processing times, chances of success, preparation of documents and costs. It will also allow the attorney time to educate you about the entire process and explain immigration laws and options which you may not have been aware of. We will need to have photocopies of your immigration documents in our possession either at or before the consultation in order to give you accurate advice and cost estimates. If you decide to use our services, the consultation fee will be waived. You may also receive a printed summary or document to help you remember the answers to your questions. Please call or email to arrange a time which will suit everyone.

  4. Instruct us to start work

    Once you have decided you want to go ahead with your application or petition, you should let us know as soon as possible. If you would like us to start preparing your case you should forward any additional documents requested, the signed representation agreement, and the initial payment for your case. Once we receive these documents, we will complete your file at our office, and start preparing your case.

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How to start your case
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